Life is not fair. Many people do not have the same starting advantages as we do in Finland. The benefits of the welfare state, such as free education, are as self-evident to us as clean drinking water. We may not always understand how our successes, aspirations and fulfilled dreams are not solely the result of our own actions. It is easy to set your goals high when the basic elements of life are in order. Success is made easy for us.

This brings with it a responsibility. We must use our talents, skills and innovations to benefit those who have to spend more of their time ensuring that the basic needs of their loved ones are met and that they remain safe. It is the right thing to do. Technology has a lot to offer when it comes to building a more just world. Fighting against climate change is fighting for those who are most vulnerable. Making practical online apps more widely available increases people’s access to information, expertise and democracy, and gives them new opportunities for business. SuomiConnect wants to be a part of creating a world where everyone, regardless of one’s beginnings, has the right to technology that saves time, money and the environment.

SuomiConnect Oy donates 2.5 percent of Tinksi’s profits to development aid in Uganda and supports local lake renovation projects.