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What does Tinksi® do?

Tinksi is a small but spirited creature from another dimension called the Internet of Things. Tinksi has long yearned to harness her superpowers for our benefit, but she has had to wait for our technology to reach the required level. Now we have the ability to contact Tinksi even with a regular smartphone or other smart device, and her tremendous powers are ready for use! With Tinksi you can do all sorts of things! Some examples may be found below.

Humidity, temperature and motion guard

Juuso feared that inadequate ventilation at his summer cottage would lead to excess moisture. Read about how Juuso solved his problem with Tinksi’s humidity, temperature and motion guard.

Humidity and temperature guard

Emma was worried about her horses and how they would cope with the winter’s frost and the summer’s heat when she was away on business. Read about how Emma began to monitor her beloved animals on the screen of her phone.

Tinksi makes everything easy

Tinksi is ready for use

You don’t have to get a separate subscription, SIM card or Internet connection – all you need are the batteries that ship with the device.

Harness the super powers

The sensors are ready for use straight out of the box. Simply take the sensor to the desired place and Tinksi’s superpowers are yours!

Tinksi keeps you updated

You can directly monitor what is going on at the sensor’s location with Tinksi’s mobile app. The app will alert you if the sensor detects unusual values.

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