Tinksi Mini


The sensor measures indoor temperature and humidity. For example, you can install a sensor in your home or cottage and be notified on your phone when the sensor detects something unusual.

The price above includes the first year’s monthly payments for the sensor.


Tinksi Mini: temperature and humidity monitor for indoor use. Tinks super skin measures temperature and humidity. Place the device indoors in your cottage or home. Tinksi will burrow into that place with supervision and from then on send continuous, up-to-date information directly to your mobile phone as well as alert you to changes.

The package includes a sensor as well as a mobile application.

Additional information

Technical info.

Size: 75 x 21 x 21 mm
Weight: 15 g
Accuracy: ± 0,2 ° C ja ± 2% RH
Recommended temp. range: 0 ° C – + 40 ° C
Battery: ER14505 about 10 years*
Radio frequency: 868 MHz
IP rating: IP30 (indoor use)

*Battery life is affected by temperature and signal strength